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intertwine envisages communities, organisations and services that are inclusive & just, in a participatory society where all people have health, wellbeing, representation & self-determination.

We want to walk the talk: that’s why everyone who’s involved with intertwine has some experience of intersecting inequalities.

As we head into our Annual General Meeting for 2022, intertwine is seeking to fill the following vacancies with applicants with living experience combined with appropriate skills:

  • one (1) general Board member
  • at least one (1) First Nations identified Board member
  • one (1) Secretary of the Board
  • three (3) Ethics Committee general members
  • three (3) fundraising committee general members
  • ten (10) advisory panel general members

Who, me?

Yes, you. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience, we’re happy to mentor. You can also choose to shadow a role to get some experience or apply to role-share.

About intertwine

intertwine envisages a progressive society which is truly inclusive — where people from all walks of life, sexualities, ethnicities, genders and abilities can work creatively, collaboratively and courageously together to transform our society into one where all can thrive.

Our purpose is to eliminate marginalisation and oppression through dismantling systemic power structures. We do this through education, engaging and connecting diverse communities and organisations and fostering resilience, intersectional inclusion and self-empowerment

intertwine takes a primary prevention approach to help organisations understand the underlying drivers of violence and that creating the circumstances for gender equity, cultural and racial justice, freedom of sexuality and gender identity and a social model of disability will result in a society with lower rates of harm by others and lower rates of self-harm by those affected.

intertwine is a privately held not-for-profit company registered as a charity with the ACNC and listed on the Register of Harm Prevention Charities with the Department of Social Security.


About the roles

The Directors will be motivated by the challenges and responsibilities of the role and committed to actively contributing to positive impacts while overseeing the strategic direction of the organisation.

As intertwine acknowledges the additional burden placed on people living at the intersections of inequalities, we intend for all Board positions to be collaborative roles and to match each less-experienced Board member with a more experienced Mentor.

The roles requires attending monthly board or committee meetings and participating in and contributing to strategic conversations around:

  • Finance and Remuneration
  • Strategic Risk Management, and
  • Advocacy and Policy

Other commitments include attendance at stakeholder and member events, and at the AGM and annual strategic planning workshop.


Yes, I’d love to be considered for the intertwine Board

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Stuck for words? We’d love it if you could indicate in your application how you would use your lived experience to develop intertwine as an organisation. intertwine encourages applications from First Nations people and acknowledges that we are conducting business on colonised land.

More information?

    Application process

    Interested applicants should submit a nomination statement (either in writing or by video) and a current CV if available using the form above by 5pm, Monday November 21, 2022.

    Applications will be reviewed by the existing Directors and the managing director, and short-listed applicants may be contacted for a video interview.

    Unsuccessful applicants to Board and Committee positions may be offered a voluntary position with the Advisory Panel to the Board of Directors.

    Want to know more? get in touch