intertwine is looking for a Fundraising & Partnerships Officer for one day per week. Although the role will be small to begin with, we hope to continue to grow and hours may increase down the track. The role would suit a young, enthusiastic graduate with a few years experience in a small not-for-profit or someone with experience in activist campaigns. Campaign communications training (Common Cause, race-class narrative, Pass the Message Stick) and training in fundraising tools and CRM will be provided.

 You will join a small but enthusiastic team of people working to create social justice transformation through training and education, networking and communities of practice and community resources. 

Core responsibilities  

  • Develop fundraising strategies and plans for end-of-year and end-of-financial year
  • Collaborate with marketing and communications officer to draft fundraising materials for publication and distribution
  • Develop partnership strategies and plans
  • Identify potential major donors and have major donor conversations
  • Identify potential new fundraising opportunities
  • Identify potential partners and initiate partnership conversations
  • Track performance of fundraising and partnerships against targets

Additional responsibilities 

  • If time allows, identify grants and new revenue opportunities
  • If time allows, establish fundraising events and proposals for trusts and foundations 

Key selection criteria

  • Solid understanding of intersectional feminist theory, critical race theory, the social model of disability and queer theory
  • Commitment to intersectional social justice
  • Strong stakeholder engagement, relationship management and/or fundraising experience, working with donors, sponsors, supporters, partners, volunteers, community members and other colleagues.
  • A growing network within the social impact, not-for-profit, fundraising and philanthropy ecosystem
  • An understanding of the fundraising landscape and current trends in Australia, including any related legislative, legal and ethical issues
  • Self-starter with good organisational skills
  • This position is an identified opportunity for a person with lived expertise of intersectional marginalisation. CARM/LGBTIQA+/PWD folks encouraged to apply. Applications from First Nations mob will be prioritised.


This position is currently identified as a part-time level 4 position under the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award. It is envisioned initially as a 0.2 FTE role casual with opportunity for growth.


Work from home (if in Naarm, then possibility to work from the Victorian Health Hub)

To apply

Send a cover letter addressing the selection criteria along with your CV to by 5pm Monday, September 18, 2023.

intertwine has a commitment to employing people with different skills and life experiences. This position funded by the Victorian LGBTIQA+ Development Grant and is an identified opportunity for an LGBTIQA+ person with lived expertise of intersectional marginalisation. CARM/PWD folks encouraged to apply. Applications from First Nations mob will be prioritised. 

About intertwine

intertwine envisages a progressive society which is truly inclusive — where people from all walks of life, sexualities, ethnicities, genders and abilities can work creatively, collaboratively and courageously together to transform our society into one where all can thrive.

Our purpose is to eliminate marginalisation and oppression through dismantling systemic power structures. We do this through education, engaging and connecting diverse communities and organisations and fostering resilience, intersectional inclusion and self-empowerment.

intertwine takes a primary prevention approach to help organisations understand the underlying drivers of physical, emotional and sexual abuse and that creating the circumstances for gender equity, cultural and racial justice, freedom of sexuality and gender identity and a social model of disability will result in a society with lower rates of harm by others and lower rates of self-harm by those affected.

Our training materials, public information sessions and information guides outline the ways that intersecting privilege and marginalisation are the underlying drivers of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Our policy guides suggest practical approaches to reduce the harms caused by these systems, including clauses for use in human resources, approaches for marketing and communications, improvements in member and client relationships and planning accessibility for online and offline activities.

intertwine has a Board of Directors and an Advisory Panel consisting entirely of people with lived experience of intersecting disadvantage. It explicitly mentors and creates work for young people with lived experience of intersecting disadvantage.