Intersectionality 101

An intersectionality 101 workshop run at PANDA. Three women sit at a table with papers and cards.

Our introductory training session is designed for people at all organisational levels with beginner to intermediate understanding of workplace diversity and inclusion.

This 3.5 hour workshop is designed to help you move beyond sensitivity training and diversity to real inclusion. Using a nuanced approach to privilege and marginalisation, you’ll workshop intersections and effects and work on developing tailored structural solutions for your organisation.

We will address the concept of privilege, the ways in which sexism, racism, homophobia/biphobia/transphobia and ableism interact to produce complex oppressions and marginalisations and how structural interventions by organisations can reduce these impacts and create a welcoming and inclusive workplace. Participants will work in small groups to identify strategies that apply to their own organisations and come away with practical ideas to implement change. Book today!

We will ask the following questions:

  • What is the relationship between equality, equity and justice and how can understanding this change our organisation’s approach to the people we work with?
  • How can we remove barriers in our organisation to truly include marginalised voices?
  • What might it mean for an organisation that operates in one area of marginalisation to be an ally to others? How can it ensure it is not participating in marginalising others?
  • Is our organisation ‘walking the talk’?

There’s a difference between removing discrimination and actively aiming for inclusion. As a bonus, research shows that organisations that are truly diverse and inclusive have improved staff morale and staff retention.

Our workshops take place regularly either online or in person at the VicHealth Hub in Spencer St, Naarm. 

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image of intertwine staff in a colourful working space, sitting at desks. The people are of various genders and ethnicities.

how intertwine can help your organisation

embrace diversity and empower your staff!

Whatever your organisation, intertwine has trainers, mediators and experts available to guide you through the interlocking issues of race, sexuality, gender, class, disability and more.