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You don’t have to handle intersectionality on your own

You know that your organisation needs to address gender equity, create cultural safety for staff, volunteers and the public, welcome LGBTIQA+ staff, members and clients, and be accessible, both physically and in your communications. Perhaps you know that a diversity and inclusion approach isn’t enough, and that where these issues intersect, unique challenges arise. With active engagement in intersectional approaches — rather than trying to address all of these issues separately — we can create a better, fairer world for all.

Tailored private sessions for your organisation

We offer a free one-hour consultation for those looking to add intersectionality into their organisational practices. After we have determined your key areas of interest, we will discuss which of our services might be right for you, from intersectionality 101 training for your staff to organisation-wide assessment of your business goals, your policies, buildings and amenities and more.

What we do

  • Tailored intersectionality training to help your organisation understand the basic elements
  • Audit your organisation using an overarching intersectional lens
  • Review policies and collateral
  • Consult on event accessibility
  • Evaluate existing intersectionality strategies and outcomes

how intertwine can help your organisation

embrace diversity and empower your staff!

Whatever your organisation, intertwine has trainers, mediators and experts available to guide you through the interlocking issues of race, sexuality, gender, class, disability and more.