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intertwine is thrilled to introduce you to our transformative initiative, FUSE – a free 14-week youth leadership program designed to ignite positive change and foster resilience among diverse young people with lived experience of multiple and intersecting experiences of disadvantage.

Building agency: Participants gain a deep understanding that they’re stunning — it’s the system that’s stuffed. This enhances their sense of individual and collective agency.

Social inclusion: Focusing on similarities rather than differences  means participants feel connected. FUSE stands for Finding Unity in Shared Experience.

Practical skills: The program culminates in implementing a community activity to shift a barrier. Participants are involved in a co-design process and learn project management, budgeting, communication, digital literacy, time management, and interpersonal skills.

Supporting mental health: For young people experiencing multiple barriers in life, FUSE provides a safe space to connect and make a difference, proven protective factors in psychosocial disabilities, depression and anxiety.

Where your gift goes

When you contribute to Fuse, your generous gift becomes the cornerstone of transformative change for diverse young people. Your gift will go directly towards the implementation of our comprehensive five-month program, covering vital aspects such as educational materials, workshops, and dedicated facilitators and peer-workers.

How you can make a difference

By supporting FUSE, you are investing in the future of young people dealing with a world that isn’t built with them in mind, empowering them to overcome challenges and create positive change within their lives.

Your contribution fuels a transformative journey towards building safe, strong, and sustainable communities.

The FUSE space — it is softly lit with fairy lights, filled with cushions and rugs, with a huge progress pride flag hanging on the wall behind along with posters from the Zoe Belle Gender Collective

^ Our FUSE space is designed to be welcoming to all regardless of ability, gender, sexuality or ethnicity, with soft lighting, welcoming posters and comfy cushions.