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intertwine is excited to introduce a groundbreaking initiative that empowers and protects those at the forefront of change— the Living Experience Advocacy Guide.

Increasingly, campaigns to shift public opinion or policy engage people with personal experience to humanise the issues and illustrate the impacts of violence or harm and demonstrate the benefits of accessing services. But how do you tell your story in a way that doesn’t retraumatise you? How do you protect yourself from online attacks if you become a public figure? There are few resources available for the organisations using ‘living experience advocates’ and even fewer for the advocates themselves, especially those from diverse communities.

intertwine’s series of guides is intended for use by organisations engaging Living Experience Advocates from LGBTIQA+, First Nations, CALD and disabled communities, with additional tools for advocates, with focus on Mental Health advocacy, Family Violence advocacy and Legal Services.

The guides offer invaluable insights into ethical considerations, the benefits and potential issues with engaging living experience advocates, potential risks for living experience advocates, case studies, media training, support, messaging advice, and different approaches to including living experience advocates (advisory panels, ambassadors, co-design, media, etc).

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Empower Advocates: Your contribution directly supports the creation and distribution of these vital resources, empowering advocates to share their stories responsibly and effectively.

Amplify Diverse Voices: By donating today, you play a crucial role in amplifying the voices of those from marginalized communities, ensuring their experiences are heard and respected.

Shape Inclusive Advocacy: Join us in shaping a future where advocacy is inclusive, empowering, and representative of the rich diversity within our communities.

how your support will help

By guiding more ethical engagement and providing essential support, the Living Experience Advocacy Guide ensures that advocates can step into their roles safely and confidently. The long-term impact? A more equitable and accessible landscape for diverse communities, thanks to the improved advocacy efforts of individuals with lived experience.

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