Our Watch intersectionality strategy evaluation: staff feedback

Welcome to the next stage of the evaluation of Our Watch’s Strategy to Strengthen our Intersectional Approach.

The following suggestions have emerged from interviews and focus groups with Our Watch directors and staff.

Some suggestions describe methods to support implementation of the Strategy while others are suggestions for approaches to include within the Strategy.

Each one has a summary description and then some further explanation beneath it. Most of them have a few clear actions in the description but these are not comprehensive or prescriptive — they should be seen as examples of the types of actions that following this approach would entail.

You can:

  • Vote for the five approaches you think would be the most effective by clicking the number on the left. There are 11 approaches. You have unlimited votes, but for the process to be truly effective, try to vote for the five you think would be the most effective.
  • Add comments to clarify ways in which you think the suggestion needs to be altered before it would achieve the outcome you’d like to see, or to add actions that you believe fit under this approach but have not been captured by the description. This could include ideas that might be more effective at addressing the needs and issues raised.
  • Add comments to explain why you think that particular suggestion would or would not be useful or effective in strengthening Our Watch’s capacity to take an intersectional approach.