CultureShift resources

collated from discussions in our 2024 Communities of Practice

Books, Posts & Articles

The text: All about power. In bold white font, on a bright coral red background.

All About Power: Understanding Social Power and Power Structures by Srilatha Batliwala

Understanding power through five core questions – providing a framework for approaching the concept of power and analysing how it operates.

The text: White Supremacy Culture in Organizations. Text is in black sans-serif font, on an orange background.

White Supremacy Culture in Organization by Dismantling Racism Works,
adapted by the Centre for Community Organizations

A document breaking down how white supremacy culture manifests in organisations.

Coin model of privilege and critical allyship by Stephanie A. Nixon

An article discussing at the intersections and implications around inequitable healthcare outcomes, using the Coin Model of Privilege and Critical Allyship.

The text: SCARF. Each letter is in its own a white circle, indicating their use as part of SCARF model acronym. The illustration is of six diverse people smiling, doing things like holding up their staff ID, showing a checklist, holding scales of justice, sitting with a laptop and mug, and gesturing with open arms to each other. The illustration & text is on a blue background, with gradient from deep blue to a bright turquoise.

SCARF Model, a theory developed by David Rock

Post about the SCARF Model, which looks at how to interact with people in a way that reduces threats or conflict, and helps influence the way people behave.

The text: Top Down & Bottom Up Processing. Both require a felt sense of safety to be effective. 

Below text, there are 2 orange figures side by side. The figure on the left has an arrow pointing from head to body, with corresponding text 'Perception'. The one on the right has an arrow pointing from body to head, with corresponding text 'Sensation'.

Neuroscience of Community by Janae Elisabeth aka Trauma Geek

A series of posts on Facebook which describe the psychology behind community and interaction within communities.

Podcasts & Video/Film


The text: the burnout project. This is in blue font, tall thin and all capitalised. To the left of text is an abstract illustration of two blue figures, one with their arm around the other.

The Burnout Project by Dr Amy Imms

A self-paced online program that aims to educate and support people suffering from burnout.